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Twenty students belonging to the third  batch of  the BS Management Economics Program of the Institute of Management  graduated last 22 June 2015 at the Baguio Convention Center. This is the third time that the BS Management Economics Program has graduated students since its initial offering in 2011.  Nine of the graduates were conferred with academic honors. 

Leading this year’s  BSME graduates is Jean Michelle Cosico who graduated with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude. The following  are Cum Laudes: Kimberly Joy Chan, Jholina Gamboa, Ross Joshua Ignacio, Angelica Joyce Jacalne, Hanna Khamil Miranda, Yza Reyes, Kiara Lyn Robles, and Yra Salazar.

The other graduates are: Alyssa Joi Alamar, Joshua Neil Banzon, Stella Maie Capule, Nadya Hamawy, Levine Jade Lulu, Kate Bernadette Madayag, Kathleen Irah Magaliao, Nicole Jasmine Nacilla, Joelle Mathea Panganiban, Alta Monica Paraiso, and Mark Allen Rabago.  (B.C. Marzan)

Leading this year’s  BSME graduates is Jean Michelle Cosico (first at the top) who graduated with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude.

The following  are Cum Laudes, (From the left, top): Kimberly Joy Chan, Jholina Gamboa, Ross Joshua Ignacio,

Angelica Joyce Jacalne, Hanna Khamil Miranda, Yza Reyes, Kiara Lyn Robles, and Yra Salazar.


The other graduates are  (from the top, left): Alyssa Joi Alamar, Joshua Neil Banzon, Stella Maie Capule, Nadya Hamawy,

Levine Jade Lulu, Kate Bernadette Madayag, Kathleen Irah Magaliao, Nicole Jasmine Nacilla,

Joelle Mathea Panganiban, Alta Monica Paraiso, and Mark Allen Rabago.



With its motto, Let the love of learning rule humanity”, The International Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (PKP) Chapter 045 in coordination with University of the Philippines Baguio inducted its new members on 9 June 2017 at the Sarmiento Hall, UP Baguio. The Phi Kappa Phi  is an honor society established in 1897 to recognize and encourage superior scholarship without restriction as to area of study and to promote the "unity and democracy of  education.” The induction program was aimed to acknowledge and to formally welcome the new members who were nominated and selected as members based on their excellent academic performance.

About 44 junior and graduating UP Baguio students were invited together with their parents  to attend the induction ceremony. Some BS Management Economics students were among the inductees. The junior students who were inducted were Krystel Mangulabnan, Deanna Cera and Mikaelah Lopez. and  the senior and graduating students were   Kiara Lyn Robles, Ross Joshua Ignacio, Angelica Joyce Jacalne, Yra Salazar, Yza Reyes, and Jholina Gamboa.

According to Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 045 President Dr Carolyn I. Sobritchea, the induction ceremony was  usually conducted at  the University of the Philippines Diliman,  Quezon City.This year, the ceremony for UP Baguio inductees was decided to be conducted in  UP Baguio  so as to reach out to  more  members in the regional campuses and is also a way to assist members who are financially incapable or those far from Manila as they would no longer travel.

 Newly inducted members from the BS Management Economics program with Dr. Carolyn I. Sobritchea (PKP 045 Chapter President)
and Dr. Bienvenido C. Marzan (IM Director) (Extreme Right). From Left: Junior students: Krystel Mangulabnan, Deanna Cera and Mikaelah Lopez. 
The senior and graduating students:  Kiara Lyn Robles, Ross Joshua Ignacio, Angelica Joyce Jacalne, Yra Salazar, Yza Reyes, and Jholina Gamboa


Dr.  Priscilla Supnet-Macansantos, the first chancellor of UPB and mathematics professor was the inspirational speaker at  the said ceremony.  Through her message, she inspired not only the newly inducted members but everyone who attended the ceremony to use their   knowledge and abilities in serving the people and the country.  (Kiara Lyn Robles)


A lecture  on the title,  “Creative Economy: How Creativity Can Become The Next Economic Growth Driver for the Philippines” was conducted by Mr. Paolo Mercado on 13 May 2017 at the IM Conference Room.   Mr. Mercado  expounded on how people could  use  their creative imagination to increase the value of  a product or service  which would eventually contribute to prosperous, socially engaged,  and creative economies. He added that economic activities which are anchored on  people’s  individual creativity  result to more cultural industries,  and  collaborative and innovative  enterprises.

Mr. Paolo Mercado

Mr. Mercado is Senior Vice President for Marketing, Communication and Innovation at Nestle Philippines  where he oversees the creative content work of Nestle in advertising and digital as well as leads the company's innovation strategy. His  international career in Nestle and advertising included postings in Switzerland, France and China, as well as in project management in many parts of the world. He is completing his executive MBA with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership where Creative Economy is his main focus of study. He is also the founder of the Creative Economy Development Council of the Philippines.

About thirty (30)  faculty, graduate and undergraduate students  attended the lecture (B.C. Marzan).


In line with the University of the Philippines-Harvard University’s continuing  academic  collaboration, Jennylyn Quinto and  Kezia Tabago,  Master of Management students  of the Institute of Management,  UP Baguio,  were selected from among a number of nominees from  UP  to attend the In-Country Course Session of the Harvard Business School (HBS) FIELD Global Immersion Program  last  04 May 2017 at Dusit Thani, Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila.  They  were  among the 24 business students from the different campuses of the University of the Philippines who  were invited to converse  with global business partners to develop or improve  a product, service or experience. The global partners in the in-course session were Abenson, Adobo    Connection, Ayala Land, Bo’s Coffee, BPI, Filinvest, First Philippine Holding, Generika and NutriAsia.

The academic collaboration was aimed to develop students from Harvard Business School and UP to enhance their global intelligence through cross-cultural encounters and exposure. This course also aimed for HBS to augment their students’ creativity and innovativeness in a foreign country with unfamiliar taste and preference.

The event started with HBS dividing the students into concentration groups which were assigned a  global partner. Much of the discussions were focused on the consumers’ outlook on the valence of the services received or product bought, and the proper approach in  assisting Filipino consumers, and the target market demographics. The discussions also  revolved around how Filipinos perceive the business of the global partners and  why the market share is positioned the way it is currently done. The discussion then transitioned into how the different global partners can improve and capitalize on opportunities within and outside the firm and its applicability in Metro Manila, since this event concentrated in outlets in the country’s capital. In the brainstorming with the UP students, the HBS students were able to gather feedback from  the different groups.

This experiential and hands-on learning experience further developed the students’ business ideas and consumer observation which are very essential  as they are sent back to the  global partners for meeting with the senior management for a summary of what the students gathered through the eight days of immersion. Although limited with some outlook on a few partners due to demographics, the UP students gave insights on the reception of the Filipino market and a segmented discussion on the businesses’ strengths and weaknesses and the possibility of offering the developed ideas to markets outside Metro Manila.


The global immersion fostered a unique learning experience to both Harvard and UP students. It provided Harvard students a full participation to understand culture, business environment, and social norms in an unfamiliar context. On the other hand UP students were able to gain first-hand knowledge about how schools, like Harvard, expose their students into real business case scenarios.

The event concluded with  students attaining collaborative and empirical learning on the previously developed ideas for the advancement of the service and products of the global partners. Asked of their  personal experience and insights from the immersion, Quinto quipped, “though we do business cases and strategic papers involving real organizations, immersion is a kind of method that will intensely improve our ability to gain rich perspectives of global management issues as we repetitively imagine ourselves in the shoes of business stakeholders facing imminent decisions.”  Tabago more than agreed  when she recommended that It would  be  good if a similar activity can be incorporated to the MM program. (Kezia Tabago and Jennylyn Quinto).


The Seminar in Management (MM 295) class under Dr. Erlinda C. Palaganas, organized and held   a seminar on  the rising challenges and dynamic changes in the workplace brought about by the entry of the millennial workforce. entitled “Fitting the Puzzle: Millennials and the Workplace”,   last April 22, 2017 at the Sarmiento Hall, UPB, Baguio City.

The topics were categorized into three puzzle pieces: Career, Financial Literacy and Work-Life Balance. The seminar was aimed to enable the participants to understand the characteristics of the Generation-Y workforce and  to acquaint themselves and their seniors with the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to cope up with the competitive workplace. Moreover, it also aimed to equip the participants with strategies to achieve financial freedom and work-life balance resulting to a more productive workforce.

The morning session consisted of  modules on the first puzzle piece, “Career: Building Blocks for Career Success” by Mr. Mark Paul C. Apilan and “Knowing your Rights and Making them Work for You” by Atty. Dexter D. Diwas. In the afternoon session, the modules were the second and third puzzle pieces, on financial literacy and work-life balance: “Road to Financial Freedom” by Ms. Dianne Acosta-Corpuz, CPA and #YOLO” Know your Priorities while Enjoying Life”  by Ms. Maria Mita Angela M. Dimalanta.

Participants in the forum were faculty and students from the Institute of Management, King’s College, Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University and Easter College, Inc. as well as participants from private enterprises such as Ahead Tutorials and Global Agility Solutions. There were also representatives from the public sector such as Baguio Water District Hospital, Provincial Government of La Union, Baguio General Hospital and PGSO (Michaela Delfinado & Michael Soriano).


“The role of culture is that it's the form through which we as a society reflect on who we are, where we've been, where we hope to be.” - Wendell Pierce

On March 24, 2017, 95 students and 15 faculty members from the Academia de Sophia International (AdSI)  of Baguio City experienced the Museo Kordilyera Tour.  With the goal of rekindling the appreciation for the Cordilleran culture, the Organizational Communication (BA 198) students  of Ms. Ma. Buena Victoria Tenefrancia  of  the BS Management Economics Program, Institute of Management, University of the Philippines Baguio initiated the Museo Kordilyera Tour. The tour aimed to showcase the best of the Cordilleran culture through its  food, games, and history

Four activities — the tour, games, film viewing, and music & costume appreciation — were crafted to showcase the Cordilleran culture in a nutshell. Divided into four groups, the students were given a chance to further experience the various activities simultaneously.The first activity, the Museo Kordilyera Tour, was done by the volunteers of the Museo Kordilyera. A guided tour was created especially for the students.   The second activity was the film viewing in the new Audio-Visual Room of the Museo Kordilyera where a film about the tattoos were shown. The third activity was the music and costume segment.  The students were taught  on  how to properly wear the ‘bahag’. The fourth activity was  were the students  were able to play some Cordilleran games.

Overall, the feedback among the faculty and students of AdSI  showed that the activity was a success. Not only did they learn but they were able to form an appreciation of  the culture that was thought to be forgotten. With the idea of rekindling the appreciation for the culture, it can be said that the Museo Kordilyera not only provides an avenue to learn about the culture, it provides a total experience that would leave a mark on each person who wants to learn and attain a certain knowledge regarding the Cordilleras (Joelle Mathea S. Panganiban).



 “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

William Arthur Ward (one of America's most quoted writers of inspirational maxims.)

In line with the University’s commitment  in further developing its faculty towards academic excellence, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) of VCAA Corazon L. Abansi organized and held  a teaching effectiveness seminar-workshop for  new faculty members and lecturers on 24 October 2016 at the Sarmiento Hall, UP Baguio. Of the 15 participants who attended the seminar-workshop, 6 were  Lecturers  in the Master of Management and BS Management Economics Programs at the  Institute of Management. Dr. Rosario Alonzo, Dean  of the College of Education of UP Diliman and former faculty of UP Baguio was the resource person.

In the seminar-workshop, the participants were reminded of their lead roles and responsibilities as teachers in preparing the crème de la crème, the finest students of the country, as future leaders and trail blazers in their respective fields. During the one-day seminar-workshop, the principles of Outcome-Based Education were thoroughly explained. This educational theory basically determines what the students can do at the end of the course, and  teachers are supposed to develop the skills of the students so they may be able to cope with the challenges of the 21st century.       


The participants from the Institute of Management were: Fran Moredo (Special Topic in Management), Mita Angela Dimalanta (Marketing Management and Strategic Management), Kezia Teresa Tabago (Financial and Management Accounting,  and Business Finance), Bernadette Velasquez (Managerial  Accounting), Roberto Goce (Operations Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics) and Maria Buena Victoria Tenefrancia (Human Resources Management).


The clear message from the seminar-workshop was to set higher standards of learning, the use of more  innovative ways and methods of teaching, more discriminating performance assessments and more inspiration.  (Maria Buena Victoria Tenefrancia)



Once again, the UP Baguio Institute of Management  proved its knack and deftness in analyzing business cases when it capped first major place in the 6th PPM Regional Business Case Competition (RBCC)  held in Jakarta, Indonesia last November 18-19, 2015. The team  composed of Serafin Oliviere Lasquety III, Clifford Chan and Hope Alegria Shin, all senior Master of Management students of the Institute of Management,  bested  four  chosen finalists in the second and final round in the competition. They were awarded a cash prize of  US$1,850 in addition to certificates of recognition.

The case analysis was focused on PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk,   a leading and publicly listed  integrated cargo transportation and logistics company based  in Indonesia.

The team ranked third out of the twelve finalists  in the stiff pre-qualifying competition in which 66 teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines participated. In this year’s competition, only the UP Baguio, from among the entries in the Philippines,  earned a spot in the qualifying round.  Both the second and fourth  major places went to the PPM School of Management and the third place went to Institut Tekhnologi Bandung, all from Indonesia.

The winning UP  Baguio team was mentored and coached by Dr. Bienvenido C. Marzan, Director  and  Prof. Jay C. Siy of the Institute of Management.  The team  was awarded also the  Second Best in Cultural Presentation during the Cultural Night of the activity.

Last year, the UP Baguio team  composed of  Adrian Reci Galang, Sinta Cando and Frederick Magno also of the Master of Management Program of the Institute of Management  won second place in the 5th PPM Regional Business Competition.

The annual PPM  RBCC is a highly competitive event of teams of  students in the masteral level  from various graduate schools in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, China and the Philippines. In the preliminary competition. the  participating teams submitted and competed in analyzing actual business case and in formulating business case solutions.  In the final round, the chosen finalists are asked to present their business analysis and answer challenging questions from the judges  in the areas of finance, marketing, operations, strategic management and human resources management related to the case.  This is the fourth  year of the Institute’s participation where the UP Baguio team also ranked fifth (5th) in the final round in 2012. (B. C. Marzan)


UPMA and Marketing Class Donates to Institute of Management

The University of the Philippines Management Association (UPMA) through the Marketing Management (MM230) class of  Dr.  Corazon Abansi  of the  2nd Semester Semester 2014-15, presented to the Institute of Management, a unit of 15L water and coffee broiler and  a unit of coffee maker, last  September 4, 2015.  The donation was  part of the class’  fund proceeds from the forum on Destination Management “Destination Management: A Strategy Towards Sustainability” they organized last May 13, 2015 at Jacks Grandview Hotel, Baguio City.  On hand to receive the donation were Dr. Bienvenido Marzan, Director, and faculty members Prof. Jay Siy and Prof. Teofino Macabiog.

The   successful holding  of the event  by the class made it possible for  some fund proceeds that the students  thought of  giving back to the Institute for its support. This is in line with UPMA’s mandate of giving back to the University and serving the students through its projects. (L. Custodio)



The College of Social Sciences  (CSS)  recently awarded two Best Undergraduate Thesis Awards to BS Management  students of the Institute of Management.  

Marjorie Gabriel and Donalene Sevidal who co-authored the thesis entitled  “Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Philippines” was awarded the Best Empirical (Quantitative) Paper.  On the other hand,  co-authors Danice Angelee Parel and Sheena Doria of  the thesis “Business Models and Selective Performance Metrics of  Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific: An Exploratory Comparative Analysis” capped the  Best Empirical (Qualitative) Paper. Aside from Certificate of Awards, the awardees received cash awards. 

Marjorie Gabriel Donalene Sevidal  Danice Angelee Parel  Sheena Doria 

The four awardees also graduated  with academic honors at the  2015  UP Baguio Commencement Program last 25 June 2015. This is the first time the BS Management Economics Program has graduated students since its initial offering in 2011. 

Dr. Santos Jose O. Dacanay III and Dr. Bienvenido C.  Marzan were the thesis advisers, respectively.  The selection of the best theses covered  theses submitted  by all the  CSS disciplines during the  academic periods  of Summer  2013, AY 2013-2014 and AY 2014-15. (Dr.  B.C. Marzan)


Fifteen students belonging to the first batch of  the BS Management Economics Program of the Institute of Management  graduated last 25 June 2015 at the Baguio Convention Center. This is the first time that the BS Management Economics Program has graduated students since its initial offering in 2011. Ten of the graduates were conferred with academic honors. 


Those who graduated with the distinction of Magna Cum Laude were Marjorie Mae B. Gabriel, Danice Angelee C. Parel, Katryn “PB” S. Custodio.  The following were Cum Laudes: Celina Frances L. Cezar, Fershey Joyce D. De Guzman, Sheena D. Doria, Catherine G. Janda, Eliza Mare G. Marchadesch, Donalene  D. Sevidal, and Daphne T. Yang.


The other graduates were: Inna Camille C. Andres, Salve Regina M. Corpuz, Frances Sol J. Cudiamat, Kahlil Paolo S. Mondok and  Gemalyn D. Sugui. (Dr.  B.C. Marzan)


Inna Camille Andres
Celina Frances Cezar
cum laude
 Salve Regina Corpuz
Frances Sol Cudiamat 
 Katryn "PB" Custodio
magna cum laude


Fershey Joyce De Guzman
cum laude
Sheena Doria
cum laude
Marjorie Mae Gabriel
magna cum laude
Catherine Janda
cum laude
Eliza Marie Marchadesch
cum laude


Kahlil Paolo Mondok
Danice Angelee Parel
magna cum laude
Donalene Sevidal
cum laude
Gemalyn Sugui
Daphne Yang
cum laude

 Marketing Management Class Holds Destination Management Forum

“It’s never too late to save Baguio City from the “inevitable” effects of global tourism.”

This is just but one of the many important insights that participants learned from “Destination Management: A Strategy Towards Sustainability” a forum organized by the Marketing Management (MM230) class  of the Institute of Management last May 13, 2015 at Jacks Grandview Hotel, Baguio City.


The UP Management Association, Inc. and students of MM230 under Prof. Corazon Abansi, organized and conducted  the  forum on sustainable tourism in view of the pressing concerns on the social, environmental, and economic implications of tourism, particularly in Baguio and Benguet. The goal was to diagnose the current situation of tourism in the Philippines, identify strategies that can be employed to address related problems and misconceptions about tourism, and the importance of having a community-based tourism plan that involves the stakeholders from the grassroots up.


The resource person,  Ms. Chen Reyes-Mencias, a sustainable tourism planning expert, discussed the state of tourism in the Philippines and provided strategies on how LGUs and its stakeholders can work hand-in-hand to create a sustainable tourism plan that takes into consideration not just the economic impact, but also the social and environmental aspects of tourism. She said that having a workable tourism plan is important and that Baguio City can still create a feasible tourism management strategy.  However, she added that it will take political will and the efforts and synergies of various partners and stakeholders to build a holistic plan that would help achieve sustainable long-term growth of the destination. 


 Participants in the forum were faculty and students from the University of the Cordilleras, Saint Louis University, University of the Philippines Baguio, Pines City Colleges, and the Philippine Military Academy as well as representatives from  the  public  sector such as  the DoT CAR, and DoT Baguio. There were some participants  from various private enterprises including hotel and restaurant businesses in Baguio city and Benguet.  Officials from LGUs, such as the Burgos La Union, Sablan, Tublay, Itogon, the Provincial Governor’s office of Benguet,  and  the City Government of Baguio were also in attendance. Lee Custodio


Call for Papers for the Journal of Management for Global Sustainability

Special Issue on Leadership for Resiliency

Resiliency is a key concept, capacity, and skill in managing for global sustainability.  Leadership for resiliency entails a continuous process of diagnosing and intervening to create system adaptations that anticipate, prepare for, adapt to, and learn from the challenges brought about by climate change, political dynamics, globalization, and other emerging social problems. Topics of special interest include:


Ø  Accelerating the growth of leaders’ capacities to intervene in advancing system resiliency

Ø  Engaging stakeholders to organize and mobilize in pre-, during and post- disaster responses

Ø  Cultivating inter-local and local-global support networks toward efficiency of disaster anticipation, preparation, and response

Ø  Translating knowledge to scalable action in the context of resiliency

Ø  Learning from successful examples of developing and benefiting from the existence of effective levels of resiliency and from unsuccessful situations where resiliency was inadequate


Manuscript Submission and Publication Schedule:


Full manuscript submission:  30 November 2015

Reviewer reports: 29 February 2016

Revised paper submission: 30 April 2016

Completion of all revisions: 30 June 2016

Publication: 31 October 2016

To submit your paper, or if you have any inquiries, please contact any of the following:

James A. F. Stoner                 

Wilfred S. Manuela Jr.           

Elmer S. Soriano                     


We also welcome early conversations or abstracts of up to 250 words about possible paper topics.


The Journal of Management for Global Sustainability is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the publication of original research in the field of management and global sustainability. Global sustainability is the broad set of interconnected issues that encompass, but are not limited to, achieving environmental preservation, social entrepreneurship, poverty eradication, social justice, desirable production and consumption patterns, species preservation, and spiritually rich lives at this time in our species’ history on this planet. The journal publishes articles on how productive enterprises contribute to realizing and achieving global sustainability to create socially just and spiritually-whole ways for all species to thrive forever.

The journal welcomes submissions from all disciplines for manuscripts that contribute to our academic understanding of the role of management in achieving global sustainability. These articles shall be subject to a double-blind review process overseen by an international editorial board. Submissions of theoretical work, empirical studies, book reviews, pedagogical tools and practitioner manuscripts are all encouraged.




November 11, 2014 - A team from the UP Baguio Institute of Management capped the second major place out of the four (4) chosen finalists in the second final round in the 5th PPM Regional Business Case Competition (RBCC) which was held in Jakarta last November 3-4, 2014.

The team is composed of Master of Management students Adrian Reci Galang, Sinta Cando and Frederick Magno. Prior to the competition, the UP Baguio team also ranked second out of the twelve (12 ) teams which qualified in the first final round and from the 73 entries in the preliminary competition round. The winning UP Baguio team was mentored and coached by Dr. Santos Jose Dacanay III. The first and fourth places went to the teams from Institut Tekhnologi Bandung and PPM School of Management, respectively. Both are institutions from Indonesia. Third place was awarded to the team from Fudan University, China.

The annual PPM RBCC is a highly competitive event of teams of masters students from various graduate schools in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, China and the Philippines. The teams competed in analyzing actual business cases, and in formulating and presenting business case solutions. This is the third year of the Institute’s participation where the UP Baguio team also ranked fifth (5th) in the final round in 2012. (DR. BIENVENIDO C. MARZAN)

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