Cumulative Weighted Average Grade (CWAG)
The Cumulative Weighted Average Grade (CWAG) shall be based on all courses taken by the student in his/her approved Program of Study, including those taken in compliance with the Maximum Residence Rules, if applicable.

To remain in good standing, a student must maintain a CWAG of “2.0” or better in his/her course work at the end of each academic year until the completion of the Program of Study. This CWAG shall be computed by the Graduate Office/Committee and reported by the latter to the Graduate Office, through channels.

Disqualification from the Master’s Program
A student who fails to satisfy the CWAG of “2.0” or better at the end of the academic year shall be disqualified from the Master’s program unless the Dean/Director decides to waive the disqualification on justifiable grounds upon the recommendation of the student’s Program Adviser/Committee, through channels.

Further, if a student fails the comprehensive examination, a second examination shall be allowed within one (1) year after the first examination. Failure to pass this second examination or retake it within the prescribed period shall bar the student permanently from the Master’s program, and from admission into other Master’s programs within the same Department.