Program Description

General Objective
The Master of Management (MM) Program seeks to provide qualified students, professionals, and practitioners with the theoretical background and skills in management needed in the efficient and effective management of all types of organizations or institutions.

Main Features
The Master of Management, a non-thesis graduate program, is designed to equip students, professionals, and practitioners with holistic and integrated knowledge and skills in management to enable them to assume and implement responsible supervisory and other related positions. Graduation from the Program requires completion of thirty-six (36) units of academic course work and passing a comprehensive examination.


Tuition Fee

Php 1,500.00/unit

Miscellaneous Fee

Php 995.00

Student Fund

Php 46.50

Deposit (For new students)

Php 100.00

Entrance Fee (For new students)

Php 30.00

ID For new and continuing students)

Php 74.00